Closed: Cookbook Giveaway: Fast Fixes with Mixes

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Hello Yall,
Spring is peeping out of the dark clouds here in Austin, Texas.
It is always nice to share and when I found this cookbook at Half Price Books I knew it was the one.
Did you ever wonder how to prepare food using all of those mixes you see at the grocery stores?
Me too, so I found these books, one for my collection and one to share.
Fast Fixes with Mixes has 314 delicious no fuss recipes for breakfast, main dishes, and desserts.
Each recipe is from their magazine Taste Of Home which I have enjoyed for years now.
Good Luck and Happy Eating,
Cookbook Giveaway:
Taste of Home Fast Fixes with Mixes
256 pages
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Do you use prepared mixes when you cook?
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U.S. residents only.   Winner will have 48 hours to contact me. Ends 4/26/14


Vintage Cookbook Giveaway: Serve Rice And Shine

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I found this hardcover cookbook Serve Rice And Shine, during a visit to a local Antique Mall.
Always on the outlook for fun and quirky cookbooks that have worthy content. This is just one of those books, with recipes dating around 1963 according to the publishing date.
Serve Rice And Shine has 160 pages including the index which lists rice recipes to use for every meal of the day. Including special occasions, cooking for a crowd, and just about any dish you could possibly think of with rice. It is a delightful little book with primarily black and white photos with a few exceptions I have shown above.

Giveaway: Cookbook Serve Rice And Shine circa 1963
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U.S. residents only ends 02/19/2014

Closed: Cookbook Giveaway: Country Bob’s

Congratulations dairyairhead your the WINNER of this nice hardback Country Bob’s Cookbook.
Thank you to everyone who entered this giveaway.
UPDATE: From Jeriann on 1/26/14
I got the book yesterday! Looks great! Thanks!

Welcome to my new blog, Supper With Nana!
I will be sharing anything and everything to do with food.
Come for the content and enter my monthly giveaways.
You can never learn enough about nutrition, menu planning, special dietary options, and who has the time.
Here are some options when you think, “What’s for supper”.
Rather you are cooking for one, two, or a home full of hungry kiddos come back often for meal ideas.
First Official Giveaway!
Giveaway: Country Bob’s Cookbook
92 pages of recipes for the meat lovers in your life.
U.S. residents only. Winner will have 48 hours to contact me.
Giveaway ends 01/15/2014 at midnight Central Time Zone