4****Review: Louisiana Longhorn Cafe

Downtown Round Rock TX.

Downtown Round Rock TX.


I found myself downtown Round Rock at lunch time and chose to dine at a nice Cajun café.

Upon entering I was quickly seated by their wait staff. I ordered an ice tea and water to begin my dining experience. Then took a couple of minutes to browse their menu, it was nice to see that they had several items that looked appealing. I asked for some bread and was cheerfully brought a small basket with a selection of different breads with pats of butter. I chose to order their Voo Doo Pasta Salad which you see pictured below, it was delicious and perfectly prepared. My compliments to the chef.
The Voo Doo Pasta Salad dish was more that I could finish but I ate over half of it. I felt it necessary to try beans and rice in all cafes that specializes in Louisiana cuisine.
Their beans and rice did not disappoint.
The atmosphere was comfortable with the high ceilings, ceiling fans, light sound of music playing, and quiet chatter of fellow diners. I was a little cool towards the end of my meal which could of been the air vent above my table.
Now for a couple of complaints that I want to share that pushed my rating to a 4 Star instead of 5 Stars.
Even though the establishment was not very busy my waitress took sometime to check back with me. She did notice my tea needed refilled and took care of that right away.
Lastly as I mentioned I was beginning to become uncomfortably cold towards the end of my meal. So I asked for my ticket and it took another wait for her to appear back with it. I was dining alone and wondered if I had been forgotten after a while. I started to leave cash on the table and walk out to thaw out but about that time, my waitress reappeared. Other than a couple of glitches in service, it is a nice café for lunch or dinner. They are closed on Mondays but have noon and evening hours and a full bar.
If you are in the area of downtown Round Rock and crave some good ole authentic Cajun food they can take great care of your taste buds. Next visit I plan to order their other shrimp offerings, my pasta dish had blackened shrimp covering the pasta and it was scrumptious.


Credit: Photographs are owned by this blog owner, Kathy Bradshaw aka Nana.
I am not associated with this establishment and have not been compensated in anyway for this post.
This post is my opinions of my personal experience.
Again I give this café Four stars ****

To browse their menu and learn more about the Louisiana Longhorn visit their website.


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