D.Y.I. T shirt Shopping Bag



Each tote bag is machine washable and has endless uses.


 I  was thrift store shopping and saw a big rack of t shirts with cute designs on them. It struck me that these shirts needed a new life. Like most of us my search went online and Nana’s Shopping Bags was born.

Now being a seamstress is not one of my skills so it had to be a simple project. Here is what I learned, you need a pair of sharp scissors, black pen, table, small bowl, needle, sewing thread and a t-shirt. It would be easier to use a sewing machine but I chose to hand sew each bag hem.

First you place your t-shirt flat on the table face up and smooth it out. Line up the seams on each arm and cut off the sleeve up to the seam, leaving the seam intact. Second take the medium sized  bowl place it over the neck of shirt making a semicircle. Note the bowl will be upside down half on the table and half on the shirt neck. Take your pen and draw a semicircle around the neck then remove your bowl and cut out right beside where you marked this gives your bag a good sized opening and removes the ink mark.

Lastly turn your shirt inside out and turn up the bottom of the shirt approximately two inches. You can pin the bottom material then stitch right below the pins from one side of the bottom across to the other side. I hand stitched so made two passes across the bottom to close my bags. Remove your pins and turn your bag back to the printed side, or right side. I did not stitch my handles but you could for a neater look.  You will notice that I left my straps wide but you could cut yours thinner just have fun with your project.

Happy Crafting,



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