10 Tips: Traveling With A Toddler



I found out a few things that helped make a recent flight with my two year old grandson easier. Our trip started on July 23 rd as we flew from Austin to Houston changed planes then on to Orlando Florida. Johnny is actually 2 1/2 which meant to make for a more comfortable flight had his own seat. From Austin to Houston we were booked on a plane dubbed United Express which I quickly renamed the puddle jumper. Only a twenty minute flight which was Johnny’s first flight. He sat with him mommy April very sweetly and absorbed the short flight with smiles and giggles. While I white knuckled my arm rests with closed eyes as this plane was a little smaller than I had expected. Johnny on the other hand loved it.

Our vacation was everything I could of asked for leaving lasting memories with my daughter and grandson. We did arrive during the beginning of hurricane season so each of the four days included more down pours of rain than usual. We adapted very nicely and enjoyed our vacation!

10 Tips for flights

  • Bring babies medications, vitamins, if needed.
  • Small backpack for diapers, wipes to stow under seat.
  • Pour out water in sippy cups before screening areas.
  • Be sure to bring two sippy cups or bottles.
  • Baggies of snacks, eating helps babies ears pop when flying.
  • Pacifers are essential if you have a binky baby.
  • Keep clean clothes near top of babies backpack.
  • When flight attendent brings water get two extra cups.
  • Bring your little ones favorite blanket, or toy in your carry on.
  • Bring a stroller most airports are to big to travel easily between terminals with a wee one in your arms.

I hope this information will make your next flights with your grandbabies a fun adventure!

Do you have tips you want to add to my list?

Happy eating and family time,



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