Reviews: Ice Cream, Sparkling Water, & Cookies


I reviewed these three products that passed my taste tests.

Our Texas grocery chain is H.E.B. and their brand of products equal the quality of national brands. Their line of Organics Wheat Grain Animal Cookies are delicious, and crunchy, with a slight sweet vanilla flavor. My grandson Johnny now 2 years old think they taste yummy.

Next  due to my carb control diet I purchased Weight Watchers Divine Triple Chocolate Bars each are only 110 calories. For six nights with anticipation I enjoyed one bar after dinner. Each bar top is covered with a chocolate shell over a softer creamy chocolate swirl ice cream. Weight Watcher dessert bars are low carb, low fat, and low sugar but rich in taste. I can’t wait to try all of their products.

Clear American Black Cherry Zero sparkling water is a refreshing no calorie flavored water. I was looking for different zero calorie fruit flavored water when I found this drink.

As I continue my search for low carb, low sugar or sugar free food products I will share any items that stand out!

Happy Eating,



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