Kitchen Tip: Food Safety

Food Safety: Keep it Separate, Hot ,and Clean
Keep It Separate
 Wrap your raw meat in its own plastic bag before placing the grocery cart. I personally like to double bag chicken placing a bag at each end. Wrap chicken double bagged before placing into your shopping cart. At home, use individual cutting boards for raw meat and veggies. Use different platters for raw and cooked meat.
Keep It Hot in
160 degrees Fahrenheit for steaks and 145 degrees F. for pork.
Keep it hot until serving. Toss any food that sits out for more than two hours or one hour if the air temp. is 90 degrees F. or higher.
Especially useful information for those in warm weather states.
Keep It Clean
Prevent harmful bacteria wash your hands, utensils, prep surfaces, and cutting boards with hot, soapy water.
I personally like to use bleach to clean my cutting boards, prep areas especially when working with raw meats.
I use Clorox kitchen sprays but you can take a 1/4 cup bleach to a gallon water and make your own cleaning solution. I recommend to double rinse all areas with soap and water after you use bleach.
Hand Washing
Prior to meal preparation, during if needed and before eating wash your hands.
A good rule to follow is to wash your hands for 2 minutes at a time with warm water and soap.Happy Eating,

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