Strawberry and Oreo Cheesecake

Lovely baker shared this recipe with us!! 🙂

My current favorite dessert, this Strawberry and Oreo Cheesecake is easy to prepare, tastes heavenly and will quickly become a family favorite! P.S. – It’s also perfect for beginners in the kitchen! 🙂

Strawberry and Oreo Cheesecake

Two words – Strawberry and Oreos! Can anything in this world top that combination? Maybe chocolate and peanut butter but not after you’ve tasted this cheesecake. 😉 This creamy, no gelatin cheesecake is really simple to make, is no bake and takes less than 10 minutes to prepare (although you need to chill it for 4 hours later). My Strawberry and Oreo Cheesecake tastes heavenly and is bursting with fresh strawberry flavor! Nothing artificial here you guys!! Oh and all you newbies in the kitchen, read on because it’s perfect for you guys!

Strawberry and Oreo CheesecakeStrawberry and Oreo Cheesecake

Like all cheesecakes, my cheesecake too has a biscuit base but to take things to the next level I used Oreos instead of the regular digestives. The taste of…

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