Fun and Safe Kitchen Chores for Children

Fun and Safe Kitchen Chores for Children

 One of my favorite photographs of my daughter April, she was 2 years old.
Standing on a stool at the kitchen sink washing dishes.
 April loved being in the kitchen while I prepared meals and snacks.
Now as an adult she is a much better cook than I am!

 First rules of my kitchen is that children be supervised at all times.
Adult or responsible teen must be near if your little one is standing on a stool or kneeling in a chair.
Everyone must wash their hands prior to and after all food preparation.

Here are few age appropriate kitchen tasks.
Age 3
Wash fruits,vegetables and stir ingredients in large bowls.
Tearing already washed lettuce is a fun job for this age.

Age 4 
Add to the skills already learned.
Open packages, boxes, anything easy to tear open.
Place ingredients from those boxes side by side on a counter.
Measuring 1 cup of dry ingredients.

Age 5 to 6
Set the table, silverware, and napkins in proper places
During food preparation use butter knife to cut soft foods.
Use measuring spoons and measuring cups with minimal direction

Age 7 to 8 
Help in meal planning, grocery shopping, and putting food items away.
Crack eggs, sift flour, use a recipe and find the spices in the spice rack.
Place out ingredients for the meal prior to immediate preparation. 
Pick one fruit or vegetable that has never been eaten at the grocery every trip.

After 9 years of age your children can become little chefs.
Encourage their participation and creativity.

Happy Eating,



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