Buda Country Fair Bake Off

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Hi Yall,

It is Nana sitting in the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile!
My daughter April took me last month to the Buda Country Fair in Buda, TX.
She entered her first Bake Off contest entering our family favorite peach cobbler.
To enter the contest she baked two peach cobblers one for tasting and the other to auction.
Buda Country Fair is funded by the local Lion’s Club organization.
All proceeds from the fair goes to their charities that help handicap children.
Great cause, beautiful fair grounds and nice folks those Lions.

April’s cobbler brought $15 at the auction which was a nice donation.
For her first time to enter a Bake Off that says a lot.
After the judges did their tasting all of the desserts were placed for folks to sample.
Her cobbler went FAST,  and yes I got my share it was delicious.

We had a fun day just the two of us, her precious Johnny now 13 months stayed home with his daddy.
I always enjoy being with April, we ate, enjoyed their weinerdog race, while meeting some friendly folks.
What ever you do this summer, take time to cherish the memories you will make.

Happy Eating,



Buda Festival ME




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