Welcome See’s Candies To Austin

 See’s Candies
4815 W Braker Lane

Austin, TX 78759
North Hills Town Center

I was able to attend a blogger event on April 3rd at the new See’s Candies store.
It was a private invitation only event with lots of chocolate sampling, education about See’s, and fun activities!
Being from Texas I have heard of this company but never tasted their candies until this event.
Touring the shop and sampling many different flavors of chocolate made me feel like a kid in a candy store.

Charles A. Sees started candy manufacturing using his mother Mary recipes.
Family values that his mother Mary passed down to him of honesty, integrity, and having a reputation of personal trust.
These values carried over into his business life and are embraced by employees to this day at See’s

See’s Candies opened the first store in 1921 when sugar was in short supply due to war time rations.
Instead of cutting back on sugar and making an inferior product the decision was made to just made less product.
On days the store was able to produce the candy, lines could be seen around the block until that Sold Out Sign went on the door.
What a true testament to a superior chocolate for people to stand in line to purchase those few precious pieces of candy.

I could go on about the quality ingredients used in their manufacturing, friendly helpful management, and the many different flavors of chocolate. Oh the chocolate is like none other, but don’t trust me go visit the See’s Candies store yourself.
Ask for a sample and let that smile spread across your face.