February Fish: Lets Freeze Fish

Lets Freeze Fish
1.  When freezing fish, tightly wrap in plastic wrap and then foil to avoid freezer burn.
2.  Freeze at 0 degrees F. for up to 3 months for fatty fish such as salmon and 6 months for leaner picks such as flounder.
3.  Defrost frozen seafood in the refrigerator overnight or under cold running water, never in the microwave. Prepare immediately after thawing.
Tip: I would write on a piece of waterproof tape the date that I freeze a piece of fish and attach it to the outside of your foil. I prefer to use butcher paper and masking tape to wrap my frozen fish instead of the final wrap being foil. You probably already have your own system and I would love a comment to share with others your process.

I will be doing a suite of Fish recipes in my feature February Fish!!
One thing I know is fresh fish since I grew up with one Texan that was an avid experienced fisherman, my father J.C. Reel. I grew up with a lake as my backyard and a boat as my first vehicle. I loved that my dad taught me so much about living in this ever changing environment.

For now buy your fish, wrap’ and freeze for those upcoming recipes.
We will have an old fashion fish fry so stay tuned for some ole fashion southern fun!
Credit: Photograph from www.wdfw.wa.gov


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