Kitchen Tip: Freezing Tomatoes

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Hello Yall,

Last week I found myself with five dozen fresh Roma Tomatoes. Taco night was upon us but well this is a lot of tomatoes.
So I looked up how to freeze whole fresh tomatoes. Took the resource advice and form my own path to accomplish this task.
Being in the kitchen is still foreign to me still. At 57 years old I am truly learning the ins and outs of everything kitchen related.
I worked a long and happy career in marketing but in 2011 I turned into a homemaker.
Working with clients I was successful at in the kitchen I am far from seasoned.
Freezing tomatoes:
1.  Wash each tomato individually and cut off any stems, or rough ends.
2.  Pat dry any excess water left on the tomatoes.
3.  Depending on the amount of tomatoes take a pint freezer bag. I am fond of the double zip lock type.
4.  Place the tomatoes side by side in the freezer bag. Make sure that they are not crowded on top of each other.
I read to lay them spread out on a cookie baking sheet freeze them that way first them put them in the freezer bags.
5.   I placed the tomatoes in the bag and laid the bag flat in my freezer tray.
We have the medium sized chest freezer.
6. Mark with a freezer marker the date you freeze your tomatoes. They can remain frozen for up to 8 months.
I suggest a 6 month freeze is enough.

Frozen tomatoes do lose some of their flavor but can be used nicely in stews, soups, stir fries, and lots of recipes.
If you have any tips on freezing tomatoes you would like to share, please leave a comment.

Happy Eating,

Credit: Photographs used in this post and the content are property of this blog owner, Kathy Bradshaw!


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