Who Is Supper With Nana?

Hi Yall,
I want to share with you my process to accumulate recipes for Supper With Nana.
You will see descriptions in the titles such as Plan Ahead, this means it will take either time to prepare or cooling time. Since everyone is in a hurry to get supper on the table these are recipes that I rarely include but find worth the wait when I do.

Most recipes are fast, easy, and range from entrees to desserts.
Our family enjoys sweets so I balance out items we enjoy from puddings, to muffins.

I gather these recipes from all forms of media, from all over the web, to recipe books, magazine articles, and our families favorites.
Every effort is made to state the copyright for each photograph and recipe I share.
I am determined to give credit to the original source. At times that is not possible when the source if from Pinterest. So I will state that source instead.
Supper With Nana recipe categories:
Slow Cooker/Crockpot
Main dishes
Gluten Free
Diabetic Friendly
Kids favorites
Southern Dishes
Soul Food
Low Fat

I hope you come often for the recipes, read my reviews, and enter my giveaways.
Please leave a comment you can find me also on Twitter ,Facebook and Pinterest.
Thanks and Happy Dining,


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