Recipe: Sausage and Peppers Meat Loaf

Sausage and Peppers Meat Loaf


  • 1 1/2 cup(s) Barilla Sweet Peppers & Garlic pasta sauce
  • 1   pound(s)   hot or sweet Italian pork  sausage,  removed from casings
  • 1   pound(s)   lean ground beef
  • 3/4   cup(s)   fresh bread crumbs
  • 3/4   cup(s)   finely chopped onion
  • 1/4   cup(s) shredded Romano or Parmesan cheese
  • 1   large   egg
  • 2   teaspoon(s)   minced garlic
  • 2   teaspoon(s)   fennel seeds (optional)
  • 1/2   teaspoon(s)   each salt and pepper


  • To ease removal of loaf from cooker, fold two 24-in.-long pieces foil  in half lengthwise twice. Place strips across each other, forming a “+” in  bottom of a 3 1⁄2-qt or larger slow-cooker. Press strips against inside of  cooker, letting ends hang over outside.
  • Mix 1⁄2 cup pasta sauce with remaining ingredients in a large bowl  until well blended. Form into a 7 1⁄2 x 4 1⁄2 x 2 1⁄2-in. loaf. Place in  cooker.
  • Cover and cook on low 5 to 8 hours or until a meat thermometer  inserted in center of loaf registers 165°F.
  • Heat rest of sauce; serve at table.
  • Different Takes: Try a pasta salad on the side. Leftover meat loaf  makes great sandwiches.

Credit: Recipe from Woman’s Day magazine. ©2014 Hearst Communications, Inc. All Rights Reserved.


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