Let Me Introduce Myself

Howdy from the great state of Texas!
Let’s talk Food, yes I am a new proclaimed foodie.
As I research all things food, and food related won’t you come join me?
Here in pictures is just a few of my favorite people.
Now it is my time to rattle some pots and pans!!
Santa and Johnny at 8 months1st Halloween  twoMcdonalds ninePeanut butter cookiesAua9AjRCMAA7FsK
Grandson Johnny with Santa
8 months Dec. 2013
2.) Me with my husband David and baby Johnny Halloween Oct. 2013
3.) My grilled salad from McDonald’s. Yes I eat out sometimes and have been working on my choices.
4.) My Chewy Peanut Butter cookies except I baked them a little to long so they were not soft.
5.) Meet April she is Mommy to Johnny and a wonderful daughter!

BogusFamilyMemorialDay 6.) Just had to post this picture of the Bogus family from May 2013. Had to show you my sweet son in law, Darren.
Look how small Johnny was at a month old. LOL
We live right outside Austin TX in the suburbs and are a multigenerational household by choice.


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